What is Cryptosday all about?

Cryptosday is all about disrupting the global social media sector with the blockchain and cryptocurrency dispensation by giving power to the people of the world, creating value for users of cryptosday social platform. 

Cryptosday is a global cryptocurrency and blockchain interactive social network where cryptocurrency enthusiasts, professionals, newbies, analysts, exchangers, projects can discuss, learn, earn cryptocurrency, adopt, watch and educate themselves about everything blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICOs, IEOs, Token Airdrops and News around blockchain.

Earn Crypto while you Socialize on Cryptosday..

Users can earn Cryptosday (CRDY) tokens from their social activities on cryptosday. There is a saying.. "Time is Money", and on cryptosday we beleive that your time and actions should be rewarded unlike other popular social networks who earn billions and doesn't reward the community.

On Cryptosday, you earn points as you socialize, doing exactly what you like doing on social networks. These points accumulate on the in-built wallet system on cryptosday platform in users dashboard, and once the payout level is reached users can request payment of CRDY equivalent of the earned points to their Ethereum ERC20 wallets or users can choose to convert the points to advertising credits.



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