These will probably match the criteria additionally to receive a reply redirecting them to 2007 Runescape when the intention was to post here, which is not ideal because it would be irrelevant to this article topic and likely result in complaints. Furthermore, if the criteria is too specific, it is improbable that the few posts that are intended to obtain this reply will activate it. It's easier for a individual to recognize these posts and setting up it to work as intended is much simpler said than done for minimal advantage. Why are folks so toxic to players? Wouldn't also the and also max high ranking players need more visitors with? More people = more money, more upgrades (maybe if more started playing, paying, and demanding it) and more people in Runescape sport which will increase the market and keep Runescape lasting longer. Frankly, new players are treated by us when they're labeled as such. Dig up any thread people here really pile on the service the majority of the time and in which the OP admits themselves new. It is older, returning players who ask questions we treat poorly. Unless they're asking about the state of Runescape(which implies they aren't invested in Runescape again yet), typically we bad mouth about how they might possibly be requesting whatever it is they are asking. The neighborhood is wise. If somebody is uninvested in Runescape, everyone is support towards them. No one cares if they spent. So, I'm super tardy into the party and I apologize for this. I think using a query thread would be very beneficial in the long term. However, it's a matter of handling what the topics are. Because we can only have 2 at a time that's a massive bummer. I replied to someone earlier agreeing that we could start making a weekly post that links to news/update articles are added as the week goes on and they're published to Runescape's website. And I passed that suggestion on to the rest of the team. What we're doing today is a matter of,"What exactly do we think has to be viewed the many?" Having it on one single post and upgraded as needed could help solve that issue. It has bothered me several times because I changed out of OSRS into RS3. I always thought the OSRS Reddit community was shitty but if I posted a question (if it be in a thread or it's own thread) people would not make me feel like I'm doing something disagreeable. I have always viewed the downvote button as like a correlation index, and only actually downvote stuff if it is wildly off topic. It looks like this sub just likes to downvote individuals for being new, I can't say I know it, but I don't really give a shit anymore. Should my questions maintain karma? They're just queries. Nothing inherently positive or negative about them. Do they? No, but sometimes they even back outside to impartial after initially getting several downvotes (seems some people are aware that downvoted questions get suppressed and try to bring them back up). It should not be like that. If you want to know more information about OSRS Gold , please lock on
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