A steamer for clothes portable is a quick and easy way to smooth wrinkled clothes effortlessly. Our recommended medium-sized garment steamer can also be easily packed in carry-on luggage, which is especially useful for fabrics that you can’t or shouldn’t iron when you arrive at your destination.

A handheld steamer usually works best (and fastest) on thinner fabrics like silk, polyester, and linen. If your wardrobe consists mostly of these delicate materials, you'll rarely need to get out your iron—in fact, you probably don't want to, for fear they'll burn. Even slightly wrinkled clothes made of heavier materials like cotton can be smoothed out with a steamer. The best steamers are comfortable to hold and produce strong, hot steam. They won't leak or spit out the water that would damage expensive fabrics, and they have large water tanks so you can use them longer without refilling.

If you have a dryer handy, you might not even need a dedicated steamer. Throw the wrinkled garment in the dryer with a damp towel or a few ice cubes and let dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. Even at low temperatures, the steam released from the damp cloth smoothes away wrinkles with little effort on your part.

Iron is the only way to achieve sharp creases, crisp creases, and flat seams. Some steamers come with special tools for this purpose, but they are so time-consuming and tedious to use that pulling out the iron is faster and easier than using an add-on. If your work or fashion sense requires those extra-sharp finishes, you may have no choice but to invest in an iron and keep the ironing board within easy reach. But for others, a handheld steamer is a low-pressure alternative.

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