Amethyst Shards are one of the lesser-regarded currencies inLost Ark Gold  Lost Ark, and many players don't even preserve song of how many they presently have, or where to spend them. What can players even purchase with these mysterious red crystals?

Though there aren't as many makes use of for Amethyst Shards as different types of foreign money, gamers may also nonetheless need to take a second to discover ways to get their hands on them. Let's test wherein exactly adventurers can spend Amethyst Shards in Lost Ark, the way to get them, and what's well worth buying with them.

Just like several of the major Merchant NPCs in Lost Ark, there may be a model of the Amethyst Shard Merchant in every main city with a Portal Stone. This consists of places like Luterra Castle, Stern, and even Punika. To locate the merchant in each metropolis, certainly look for them within the seek bar on the top proper of the map. This will spotlight exactly wherein this merchant is. They Buy Lost Ark Gold are usually denoted by using the name Mysterious Man, and they may always have the [Amethyst Shard Exchange] textual content after their name.