Here's how to turn on a percentage change in iOS and always keep track of your battery status.

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Where is the battery charge on your iPhone?

The battery charge percentage on iPhone 11, 12, 13 and other Apple smartphones with Face ID is shown by default in the Control Point (bar). To see it, just swipe down at the top right of the display. 

On older models like the iPhone SE and iPhone 8, as well as all iPad tablets, the charge is always shown as a percentage in the status bar (next to the battery icon). 

To ensure that the exact number of charges is always displayed on the status bar on any iPhone, you must separately enable this option in the settings. 

How to turn on the battery percentage on your iPhone?

A simple way to put the battery percentage on the battery icon on your iPhone: 

  • Open settings and go to Battery.
  • Toggle the slider next to "Charge Percentage." The number indicating the remaining battery percentage will appear on the icon in the status bar, as shown in the screenshot below. 

However, this isn't the only way to know your iPhone's battery percentage - you can also use widgets.

How to add a battery widget to your screen?

If you make the charge display as a percentage, it will be more convenient to keep track of the battery drain rate on your iPhone. However, the numbers on the battery icon are very small, which makes them not always easy to read instantly. 

In iOS 14 and newer versions of the system, widgets can be added to the iPhone screen. One of these is a battery status widget called Battery Elements. It clearly displays the charge as a percentage. 

To add a new widget: 

  • Hold your finger anywhere on your iPhone desktop.
  • Wait for the icons to start shaking and for a [+] sign to appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Tap it. 
  • Scroll through the catalog of available widgets for different apps to find "Battery". Or enter the name of the widget you're looking for directly into the search bar. 
  • Select the appearance of the widget. There's a compact version that only shows your iPhone's charge; and an advanced one that also shows the battery level of connected Bluetooth gadgets. 
  • Tap the "Add Widget" button and place it on one of your iPhone work screens.