Seoul's funeral homes are now filled with the bodies of young people and their heartbroken parents. At the end of a long corridor, Mr Sim and his wife sit crumpled on a small sofa, unable to lift their heads.

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Inside one of the rooms is the body of their son, 28-year-old James Sim. In the room next door is James' friend Yoon. And in a funeral home across the city lies James' girlfriend.

They had gone to Itaewon together on Saturday night with two other friends to celebrate Halloween. James had organised the evening. "He was always the organiser, as he loved nights out with his friends," his mother says.

James was one of 155 people who died in the crowd crush as a narrow bar-lined alleyway became dangerously overcrowded. The first sign something had gone wrong came when his parents - like many others - awoke to find their son's bed empty. James' father got his friends to call him. The police answered.

As they got caught in the deadly crush, two of the friends managed to claw their way through the crowd and up onto some railings at the edge of the alleyway. James, his girlfriend, and Yoon couldn't make it out.

James loved to exercise, and spent most of his spare time in the gym, lifting weights to bulk up, his mother says. She can't understand how this did not save him.

James' relationship was getting serious, his father says. He and his girlfriend would have married soon - if they had survived. He worked as a plumber, a job he did diligently, but his passions were skiing and surfing. His mother's eyes crease with a flicker of joy as she recounts what he loved to do, but his father's close and tears fall.

"James was the best older brother," he recalls. "How is my younger son going to cope without him?"