Despite his significance in Animal Crossing cities, Twitter consumer Versiris has shared a hilarious and oddly cinematic video this week of Nook Miles Ticket  a Tom Nook figurine being shot with a Nerf Gun.

For brought comedic impact the video has been shot in gradual movement and shows Tom Nook reeling backward in a chain of intricate flips after being hit. Other customers have spoke back with hilarious edits set to special song.

User Bonemethius tweeted a very humorous rendition using the Buy Nook Miles Ticket  music "Hide and Seek" through Imogen Heap - the rather-memed tune frequently known as "Mmm Whatcha Say" - and changed the video's color to black and white. Another awesome edit via ImThrill3d has Nook's flight observed via a dramatic tune from the opera Pagliacci.