There are 3 exclusive regions you may Lost Ark Gold must visit, however no be concerned: we will display it all to you. First, persist with the main hallway and stick right until you are within the 2d hallway. You will find the primary Mokoko Seed at the end of the hallway.Next you will need to visit the deck of Peyto. Here you will discover three Mokoko Seeds. This is how you get them all:

The first Mokoko Seed is within the pool on the deliver's center.
The second one is on the a long way cease of the deliver, in a chamber.
The third Seed is in the Market District.
Here's a map with all of the Mokoko Seeds at the deck of Peyto, so it's simpler which will locate.Have you kept count? Good, yo u then realize which you have 4 Mokoko Seeds on Peyto. How many had been there? Correct, five. That approach? Yup, one more. And this little treat is hidden in the Captain's Quarters of Peyto.