The next pair of LeBron reissues are coming soon! New Jordans Release 2022 Platinum PE's latest physical exposure! The re-engraved LeBron boots in recent years have given many players the opportunity to realize their dreams. It brought back a lot of rare PE colors of the year, and it was not difficult to get started at the beginning of the release. After the 7th, 8th, and 9th generations returned one after another, the LeBron 2 was not the long-awaited LeBron 10, but the NIke LeBron 2. Recently, a PE color LeBron 2 has been released in kind and will be officially released soon.
This platinum colorway is the Maccabi PE worn by LeBron at the time. The body of the shoe is mainly composed of a large area of ​​golden fabric and white leather, which is fresh and gorgeous and domineering. Many details such as Swoosh, Logo and shoelace buckle are presented with metallic texture, showing the luxurious temperament of James' early shoes. LeBron 2 is equipped with a super-thick Zoom air cushion with front and rear palms, which has one of the best foot feel in the series. The classic PE color matching is back, and it is a replica of the original configuration. I believe that many old players will be excited. With the exposure of the replica, many people should have bought it, and friends who like it should not miss it, click the link to enter the purchase! In addition, we will continue to pay attention and bring the latest shoe release reports as soon as possible.
At present, among the early LeBron Nike Shoes, there are still 4, 5, 6, and 10 generations that have not been re-enacted. Which pair do you most hope to return?
Nike LeBron 2 "Maccabi"
Item number: DJ4892-100