In this example the Gunner will have a Rifle as their secondary weapon, and there'll be a talent that employs the Rifle in combat. The strength of Elyon Gold the secondary weapon will be determined by how well it is constructed by the Rifle.

A different example would be an Assassin striking with two daggers and consequently, two daggers for each hand (as specified in the requirements for the skill).

There isn't a way to make other classes use their secondary weapons, however having them as statistics or to store Runestones is still useful. If you are a class that uses their weapons as secondary, it will make you consider what weapons you can equip in that slot and what weapon is best for the particular situation.

Before you dive into this world Elyon you'll need select the character you want to play as out of available options. While aspects such as appearance, race, or gender do not impact your character's in-game performance but their character's class will play a big factor in determining their game playstyle.

Do you prefer to fight adversaries from a distance or do you prefer combat in close proximity? Do you want to become a powerful spellcaster or do you prefer to support your allies? Do you prefer to concentrate on DPS or create your character to be a tank? Luckily, Elyon has enough classes to cheapest Elyon Gold suit every playstyle.