The Shu velveteen fabric is always 100% polyester. It is similar to polar fleece and also has a silky plush texture, which is warmer. It is mainly used for plush toys, blankets, and clothing liners. Now popular on gift and casual shoe surfaces.

    Compared to lamb fleece. shu velveteen has the same loft, warmth, and eco-friendliness, but at a lower cost than wool. The proportion of defective products in the production process is easily controlled to be low.

    Comfortable fleece fabric is soft to the touch, lint-free, and versatile, it is widely used in home textiles, personal blankets, mattresses, furniture pillows

     PV plush fabric is also called plush fabric or Korean fleece. The main ingredient is polyester. Types can be divided into light or no light and semi-light. Due to the advantages of no lint, no balls, and a variety of styles. It is a popular knitted fabric for the past two years.

    Our knitted PV plush fabrics are mainly used in pajamas. baby products. Children's clothing. Garment lining. Shoes and hats, toys, interior accessories, craft products, home accessories, and other materials. In recent years, the home textile industry has become more and more popular.

    PV plush has many advantages:

  1. Delicate texture. Soft to the touch and colorfast. However, due to the knitting principle, there will be slight hair loss
  2. No irritation to the skin, no allergy
  3. Beautiful appearance and rich colors

    Changshu Jishun Textile Co.,Ltd. is a knitted fabric manufacturer from China. At the same time as a blanket supplier, it also sells home comforters and other bedding.