"Glowing Forgotten Constellation" is an illuminating of 5th level, however it's a special luminous that can be summoned for Elyon Gold the first time by making a luminous conversion using the "Glittering Conversion Stone for Light".

This is an event where you can win many Luminous, so make sure to check in every day to grab it.

Get the best value for money Prime Festival was held! Get tons of experience points as well as boost your character! We'll be holding an event on Wednesday, July 20. where you could earn as much as 2 Billion XP dependent on the number of days you've spent logged in as well as your highest level as of the date of maintenance. Furthermore, based on the degree, we'll hand you a glowing box which is useful for adventures like "Shiny Glowing Box" or "Glittering Glowing Box".

The Elyon team has updated with some positive news after delays to the pre-download feature. Pre-download is available now and there's also a new plan for the time leading up to launch, including earlier head start and character creation.

Pre-download was initially delayed by a backend issue, but is now available via Steam for those who bought at most one of the game packages. Pre-download is live as of 5 am Eastern this morning, which means anyone who has bought packages can get them set up anytime.

The early creation of characters, the other pre-release perk which was affected by yesterday's delayed start is also undergoing a change in schedule. This process will begin shortly before the head-start beginning on October 14th at 10am Eastern/ 2pm UTC. The period will continue until October 17th at 4am Eastern 8am UTC. In this period, you are able to set up up to three accounts on one server open for each region, and then name them. Although you'll be able to buy Elyon Gold use these names at launch, they won't be account-bound, and they could be subject to being released if you're not active or have another account reason.