FIFA 23 is on the way, and FUT will be a major draw for many players waiting to join EA Sports' next football game. The player's team formation and custom tactics play a very important role in solid defense, quick counterattacks and winning games. Follow to keep players up to date on FIFA 23.

If a player finds himself with plenty of solid midfield options, then a 4-1-2-1-2 (2) may be the most suitable FIFA 23 formation for the Cheap FIFA 23 Coins player. Players won't have that much width, so players need a solid short pass to take full advantage of this option. However, the large amount of body in the middle should force the player's opponent to be on the wing, which, with any luck, means that the player only has to deal with the wide ball that goes into the box.

In last year's FIFA, the most important player statistic was speed. So, if players want to punish their opponents during the break, 4-3-2-1 might just be the player's best bet. With this formation players can take advantage of three strikers. If players want to make the most of their triple threat on the pitch, players can instruct their LF and RF to stay centered with custom tactics.

The standard 4-4-2 isn't the worst option, but the on-the-ball variant just ensures that the two mid laners can make a good transition defensively. As for custom tactics, first make sure the player's full-backs are instructed to "stay behind when attacking". In addition to that, if the player has enough speed, the player can tell their winger to "cut inside" or "stay wide", depending on whether the player prefers to pass or cross.

Above is all the information on what we think are the best FIFA 23 formations so far. Of course, when the game is officially released, players can learn more details and other relevant information in time from There, players can also buy more FIFA 23 Coins for less to build a powerful ultimate team.