With all of the new graphic intensive game systems being released every few years, there are just as many old game systems being released. Some of these systems are the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the Amiga, the Sega Megadrive, the Sega Genesis, and of course these systems are also all able to play hundreds and sometimes even thousands of the newer generation systems. One of the biggest differences between these older game systems and the newer ones is obviously the systems memory size. Older systems often had a 512 MB of memory, which is quite a bit less in today's world we are able to play games with 9 or 10 digit numbers. Also, the older systems games have less of an image macro count, which is explained below.

The first, and most original, game that I had playing with this system was called Bubble Bobble, which came packaged with the JUST Friends game system. I actually played this game with my older Nintendo controls, which were the big rectangular type Super Nintendo controllers. I actually had to plug in the controller and the game into the system via a small slot in the middle of the controller. To play this game you had to use the directional pad and the bubble bobble tool in the bottom right corner of the screen, and also used the "D" button to continuously press the left and right judgement keys.

What I noticed about this game that was different from the newer Mario games, was the bubble bobbles where white, yes I said it was white, when you pointed your mouse into the middle of the screen it was possible to see a disco ball stand, which was kinda funny to me, because it was either 3 or 4 sticks and I never noticed or took any notice of what the balls were trying to shoot at.

I also played a game called the Toontown which was a Facebook game, and I think that is where the name came from because it is a virtual world that was set up that players can play in and one of the games actions were to run to a sign which is a vary happy face. On the sign it said "Help Reigate Aossip", this was one of the catch phrases that I enjoyed most while playing.

You, playing as either legit or illegitimate seasonal character, would run to the roleplay board, and have a chat appearance. Once your role play started, you then had to walk around a scenario that was pre set up and every player that was in the instance had their own character and they were under your control. You could basically do anything you please, the only reason that the other regular characters in the game ever had a map or some type of direction towards their destination was because they never knew when or where you were actually going to get there. The sceneries, the jobs, even the houses were all under your employment.

When you made a transaction, or stole something, or even killed someone, or completed a quest, or upgraded your character, or upgraded their weapon, or killed another player, or completed a quest, or upgraded their weapon to a unique item, or killed another player, you gained either or both, or sometimes a third party would join in your fight. Third party programs would allow multiple characters to interact with one another to accomplish tasks that would have previously been impossible with just one character.

You were never alone in this world and while you were under your control you experienced a whole new planet that was under your control and you never once were truly alone. During your time playing WoW you picked fights with NPC's that were either Horde or Alliance. You also got into battles with other players who were either Horde or Alliance. Sometimes you even ally'd with other players as well. If you ever got bored with all of the killing and the questing, you could just stick to the role play innervations and let other people lead the way for a change.