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See it below:Step One: click"Challenges "Challenges" on the Madden Ultimate TeamThe second step is to click on "NFL Epics"Step 3: Choose your first Larry Fitzgerald solo (that you must score at least a TD in)Step 4 4. Set the difficulty to novice and click play in a solo mode.Step 5: Position your fastest player on the right side of the field, and utilize four verticals to play the game. Verticals

Step 6: Try to throw your streak towards the left receiver each time to ensure an immediate touchdownStep 7: After you complete the solo click "Replay Challenge"Step 8: Repeat the process often until you've reached your maximum level.The most efficient way for you to get Coins through The Madden 23 Player auction house and earn cash from lazy people of today -

The following tip to get gold coins when playing Madden 23's MUT mode might appear cruel but it's the normal life of many old players. As a way to retain the MUT tokens that you earned without having to grind yourself to death in a boring football Cheap Mut 23 Coins, you may have to commit some time in the auction home and the hustle and bustle of MUT.