Vegetarian capsules are clear capsules made from plant-derived materials. It does not contain any irritants or preservatives. You also won't find any sugar, wheat, corn, dairy, or soy in these capsules, which is beneficial for health-conscious and allergy-conscious consumers. There are some differences between vegetarian capsules and standard capsules that allow only certain uses. They dissolve quickly and are easy to digest. Each can hold 150 to 300 mg or more of dry material.

    On the one hand, vegetarian capsules are better for herbs, vitamins, supplements, and powders. While they serve a variety of purposes, you don't want to fill the veggie capsules with any liquid, which will quickly cause the coating to dissolve. It also cannot be placed in hot water or in direct sunlight. High temperatures may also cause the capsules to dissolve.

    As an all-natural capsule, they are ideal for those with vegetarian, diabetic, restrictive, or other dietary needs. They are non-GMO and perfect for vegetarians. You also won't find any gluten or starch. They are biodegradable and kosher and halal certified.

    You can fill a variety of powders and supplements into these capsules using a capsule filling machine or other methods. Capsule machines offer the best way to encapsulate essential oils and powders. Some capsule machines come with a free tamping device. This allows you to fill dozens of capsules in less than a few minutes. They're also dishwasher safe, so you can clean them after each use to keep them going for years. Each package comes with instructions on how to fill and what type of filling is suitable, depending on the capsules you purchased.

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