Elder Scrolls Online is very popular, but their backend hardware is not the best. For over a year, the developers have been planning server hardware updates that would also make more players willing to return to the game with ESO Gold.

The developers updated players with the hardware update they originally mentioned more than a year ago. The updated hardware is in response to several service failures that ESO has dealt with over the years. They also hope that more players will spend ESO Gold to take part in the game through this time.

The official post states that players won’t notice any performance gains, but it will provide a more resilient service. The updated hardware has been on the PTS since Update 34, and Firor is happy to report that things are running smoothly. They plan to roll out the hardware update to the rest of the North American data center on May 3.

Aside from fewer server issues, there shouldn’t be a noticeable performance boost, but players no longer have to worry about unplanned downtime affecting their playtime. Currently, only the NA server will be part of the update. Updates to EU data centers are planned as soon as possible, and there is currently no estimated update date.

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