The Elder Scrolls Online’s public test server now has a new event available for testing. Update 8.0.1 introduces Zenithar’s Passion, an event honoring the Tamriel god of commerce and hard work. New events and content await players, who can prepare some ESO Gold to join the game.

Players will get the “Irrefutable Proposal” quest from Amminus Varo at the new Belkarth Festival grounds. Those relatively new to TESO need not worry, as the portal in each Impresario tent can take them directly to the city.

After completing the quest, players can pick up Honest Labor. This is a single daily quest that, when completed, will give players three event tickets, ESO Gold, and a gold-quality Zenithar’s Noble Package reward box.

Players earn a delightful package of purple-quality Zenithar by completing certain activities. For example, they can get a box that guarantees the completion of any Master Writ. Players can get a lot of items through this event.

Update 8.0.1 introduced a new consumable called Companion Guild Commendations. These are sold by Impresario and are available as long as she is around. Using them while one of the player’s companions is active will immediately advance that companion to the next skill level of the associated guild.

Another thing is that over time, as new partners are introduced, the developers will allow players to spend ESO Gold to purchase these rewards. This is true even if their current companion is fully upgraded. Players in need can also go to IGGM, they are not only cheap but also provide the latest game news.


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