Blizzard's update the other day addresses a slew of controller fixes and more bug fixes that came out of the 2.4 major patch, which was released earlier this month on April 14. That is our Diablo 2 Resurrected 1.15 patch (PS5 version 1.015). Here are the details about this fix:

Regarding the sound part, patch 1.15 fixes the problem that the Amazon Valkyrie skill sound is too loud.

Regarding the characters part, the 1.15 patch is mainly about any remaining characters affected by the name capitalization issue caused by the 2.4 server deployment.

Regarding the chat section, patch 1.15 fixes an issue where players who had a pending friend request or quickly joined the game with other players caused the game chat to be interrupted.

Regarding the controller part, 1. Fixed the problem that it was extremely difficult to use the controller to target allies with holy arrows. Allies can now be auto-targeted more easily by this ability. They are lighter than enemies to prevent them from being targeted accidentally. 2. Fixed an issue where pressing the bottom button on the controller while the mercenary was nearby would inadvertently move to the mercenary when the player bound the holy arrow to a non-bottom button. 3. Fixed an issue where players would unintentionally cast holy arrows on their mercenaries by pressing the bottom button on the controller when the mercenary was far away when the player bound the holy arrow to a non-bottom button. 4. Fixed an issue where the "Gold Max" string was not aligned in the classic character store when using the controller. By the way, if players need Diablo 2 Resurrected Items, they can be purchased on MMOWTS.

Regarding map generation, patch 1.15 fixes an issue where some seeds can generate underground passages or pit maps without an exit

Regarding quickcasting, patch 1.15 fixed the player using a keymap with a modifier key (eg Shift/Ctrl/Alt plus another key) in a quickcasting skill could get stuck in the active state and when holding down the quickcasting skill hotkey An issue where clicking the left or right mouse button could cast the wrong skill.

Regarding the settings section, patch 1.15 fixed an issue where the keybindings would not be saved if the player quit the game too soon after changing the keybindings

Regarding the skills section, patch 1.15 fixes the player's +1% synergy bonus on finding potions now correctly communicated in the find item skill tooltip

Regarding the stabilization part, patch 1.15 fixed a crash that players would sometimes experience during level transitions and a rare mod-related crash in the Mercenary Gear UI.

That's all for the Diablo 2 Resurrected 1.15 patch, I'll keep updating if there's anything new. Finally, I recommend that you buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items at MMOWTS is the choice of 90% of players, come and experience it!