There are many types of classes in the game for players to choose from Lost Ark. And the most important thing for players to choose is to spend the time and Lost Ark Gold to build it.

The best Lost Ark Sorceress will use her powers. She’s a long-range damage dealer with great area-effect attacks, and she can pop a surprising amount from many enemies at once. The best thing about Sorceress is that it has a super action RPG sensibility, and Sorceress has some of the most impressive looking action on the artillery side.

As a mage prestige class, all of her spells cover a wide range of fire, frost and lightning as well as occasionally turning off gravity or creating large crystal bombs. If players come to Lost Ark because of flashy attack animations, Sorceress is a good option, players can spend Lost Ark Gold to strengthen her.

Her major weakness is that some of those flashy animations are very slow. A sorceress locked in place can cause storms or burning meteors are easy prey and don’t have enough armor to take the hit. In fact, her outfit seems to get smaller as the player completes the final stages, and players can prepare more Lost Ark Gold to get more gear and outfits.

Her other identity ability, Blink, is a teleportation. That doesn’t seem impressive by comparison, but since her sprint has an 8-second cooldown, it’s crucial to have another way out of danger. It’s so useful that in PvP, it’s just to keep the Sorceress from ducking for safety when the Deathblade gets close to them.

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