ZeniMax Online Studios’ massively multiplayer game The Elder Scrolls Online will be available for free next week. Between now and April 26, players can try out the base game and the acclaimed Morrowind DLC anytime. But if players want to make their gaming journey easier, they need to Buy ESO Gold.

The free trial version allows players to experience four different classes and gain access to Battlegrounds and Alliance War PvP. Players can explore all areas in the base game, Skyrim, Hammerfall, and more, as well as Morrowind Island, Vvadernfell, added in the expansion. The trial is also running with a series of discounts for TESO and its extensions. It is bundled with all major expansion packs in the base game, including Morrowind, Summerfall, Elswell, Grey.

All of this comes in anticipation of TESO’s upcoming expansion at High Isle. Launching in June, High Isle will take players to the Systres Islands, an all-new location not previously depicted in The Elder Scrolls Online. Here, players will learn about the lore and culture of the Bretons, who lingered on the sidelines throughout the series. Players may wish to buy some ESO Gold to join the exploration.

The Elder Scrolls Online has improved a lot over the past eight years. Players have a lot to do in the game, and they’re not tied to any single path. Players who join now will find plenty of exploration, dungeons and storylines to pass their time, as well as crafting, PvP, housing, collectibles and different treasure hunts.

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