Training Camp: Increase the level of Lost Ark Gold you alts up to 2 levels higher than the level of your primary.

Knowledge Transfer: Boost your character's level from zero to 50. Costs Gold.

Let's look at the function of each menu before we get to the next one.

Lost Ark Stronghold Manor Rank 2 Upgrade

The lab can be used to unlock features that are not available in your stronghold. Unlocking new recipes for the workshop, upgrading components of the stronghold, as well as unlocking different ship types can all be accomplished through the laboratory. Research projects require a lot of time to complete and usually require wood and ore.

Lost Ark Stronghold Manor Menu

There are certain structures you can build in your stronghold that grant an active effect. This menu is used to allocate which passives you want to be in use at any given time. For example, platinum founders received an item of cosmetics for trains that gives passive crafting bonuses for your stronghold.

Training Camp

Unlocked after reaching level 52 the training camp lets users to boost levels of your character. You can only level your characters two levels below your most advanced level character. If, for instance, you have a character at level 60 that you can only upgrade your characters up to level 58 by using this system. The process of leveling your characters in the training camp can take several days or even weeks to accomplish according to the character's current level as well as your maximum level. You are still able to use the characters best place to buy Lost Ark Gold currently in training, and this is an unpaid XP farm.