EC (Electrical Commutation) motor power supply is DC power supply, built-in DC to AC (through six inverter modules), rotor position feedback, three-phase AC, permanent magnet, synchronous motor.

EC motor is a DC brushless maintenance-free motor with a built-in intelligent control module. It comes with RS485 output interface, 0-10V sensor output interface, 4-20mA speed control switch output interface, alarm device output interface and master-slave signal output interface. The product has the characteristics of high intelligence, high energy saving, high efficiency, long life, low vibration, low noise and continuous uninterrupted work.

The brushless DC motor has greatly simplified the structure because the collector ring and brushes for excitation are omitted. At the same time, not only the manufacturability of the motor is improved, but the mechanical reliability of the motor operation is greatly enhanced, and the service life is increased.

At the same time, the air gap magnetic density can be greatly improved, and the motor index can achieve the best design. The direct effect is that the motor is reduced in size and weight. Not only that, compared with other motors, it also has very excellent control performance. This is because: First, due to the high performance of permanent magnet materials, the torque constant, torque inertia ratio, and power density of the motor are greatly improved. Through reasonable design, indexes such as moment of inertia, electrical and mechanical time constants can be greatly reduced, as the main indexes of servo control performance have been greatly improved. Secondly, the design of modern permanent magnet magnetic circuit is relatively complete, and the coercivity of permanent magnet material is high, so the anti-armature reaction and anti-demagnetization ability of the permanent magnet motor is greatly enhanced. The control parameters of the motor follow the external The influence of disturbance is greatly reduced. Third, because permanent magnets are used instead of electric excitation, the design of the excitation winding and the excitation magnetic field is reduced, and many parameters such as the excitation flux, the excitation winding inductance, and the excitation current are reduced, thereby directly reducing the controllable variables or parameters. Based on the above factors, it can be said that the permanent magnet motor has excellent controllability.

At present, many large-capacity fans have adopted variable frequency speed regulation to adjust the air volume. This type of inverter mainly relies on imports and is expensive. At present, fans with power levels below 1kw, especially fans for household air conditioners, have been driven by permanent magnet brushless DC motors, and adopt speed regulation and air volume regulation. The amount of fans in the power range of 1~10kw is huge, and they are basically driven by induction motors, and the air volume is adjusted by adjusting the opening of the tuyere. For fans in this power range, using a permanent magnet brushless DC motor drive to replace the original induction motor drive has great advantages.

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