The force and the impact of Nba 2k22 Mt the shot will not matter whether it is their dominant hand or a different one when the dunk is completed. In the event that the player completes the move, you'll score two points for a slick move.

The putback dunk happens by holding down the shoot button - either in the form of a square or an X when the ball is about fall off the paint. The putback dunk in NBA 2K22 is done when another player misses a shot when your player is in the area of the paint in order to return the missed shot in a flashy fashion.

Space and timing are the key in achieving a great putback dunk. Make sure you push the button while the ball is still in the air and not having any rivals who are vying for the rebound are important ways to secure a putback dunk in NBA 2K22.

Standing dunks can be done by pressing down an X or square button (square or X) or by flicking the left stick upwards while holding R2 or RT. Standing dunks can also be done by forwards or centers with the elite or pro Dunk packs with NBA 2K22. The player should be in a standing position without defenders around to execute this move.

A powerful dunk is done by holding the 2k22 mt buy triggers R2 or RT and flicking the left stick anywhere while sprinting. Aggressive dunks are available to anyone with elite dunking package like Ja Morant, Vince Carter, and Zion Williamson.