How to get MVP in Rocket League is the question on many players' minds if they want to unlock the battle bus. As players are fired up for the game after it's gone free to play. Rocket League has been around for years now, but its fanbase is as alive as ever, as the game has gone free to play and now brought in even more players to the vehicular soccer game. If you are new to Rocket League, you might be wondering how to get the MVP in a match, and that's why we are here to help.

What does MVP mean in Rocket League?

MVP is an acronym for Most Valuable Player. It is a term used in athletic as well as ESports to denote players with the most contribution to any game. Rocket League players are awarded the title of MVP when they are on the winning team and have the highest score in the match when compared to their teammates as well as the opponents. You can not win the MVP title if you are on the losing team.

Before heading over to the match points or scores in the gameplay of Rocket League, you should know that each and every action in the match will earn you score the different number of match points. Now, let’s take a quick look at which actions can give you how many points below. (Basic list of action points)

Goal – 100 Points

Hat Trick – 25 Points

Assist – 50 Points

Playmaker (three assists) – 25 Points

Save – 50 Points

Epic Save (save just before it gets goal) – 75 Points

Savior (random three saves) – 25 Points

Shot on Goal – 10 Points

Center Ball – 10 Points

Clear Ball – 20 Points

Touch the Ball – 2 Points


You get MVP in Rocket League by earning the most amount of points in an online match.

Not only that, but you also need to get the most amount of points while on the winning team to get MVP in Rocket League.

You get points by scoring goals, making saves, hitting the ball towards the opponent’s goal, clearing the ball, and other actions.

There’s also assists which can earn you a good amount of points, so it’s probably best to be an attacking player rather than the designated goalkeeper. This is because you’ll be further up the pitch where you can score and assist.

It’s also possible to become the MVP by just sitting in goal and making saves like prime Peter Schmeichel as a car, so you can try either method.

It is an admittedly hard to task to complete, so you will need to be at your best to get the Fortnite Battle Bus.

What this means is that you’ve essentially been the best player in that match. The player who gets the most points (which can be checked on the scoreboard at the end of or during a match) will be given the MVP status.

You should earn more points, too, if you score a goal while your car is backward, upside down, from a long distance, from the air, knocking an opponent into the ball to score, and scoring with a bicycle kick motion. All of these flourishes should add an extra 20 points to your game score. Hopefully this brief guide will help you getting MVP in Rocket league, and you'll be a market whiz in no time. You can click to learn more information or buy Rocket League Credits