On March 19, Lost Ark will kick off an unknown event that will last for a while, with players earning some rewards during the login process.

While the rewards aren't terribly impressive, the developers used this method to appease the player base after recent events caused fan turmoil. In fact, many players have also been requesting the injection of abrasive materials, and at this time, the developers are also following the ideas of these players step by step.

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On March 15th, Lost Ark released the Fever Time Event, which was originally scheduled to begin on the 19th. But in the last week, many players reported that they did not receive the reward. In fact, the event has not yet started, perhaps the start time is next weekend.

And the developers announced the event via an official tweet: on the evening of March 15 at 12 AM PT / 8 AM UTC / 9 AM CET, there will be a hotfix for all Lost Ark Gold For Sale servers and regions. Downtime is expected to be 4 hours.

The Fever Time Event will begin at 3:01 AM PT / 10:01 AM UTC and end at 2:59 AM PT / 9:59 AM UTC. MMOWTS is a trustworthy third-party game service website that you can Buy Safe And Cheap Lost Ark Gold Here. The Fever Time Event will start every weekend and will last until April, so remind players to claim the rewards as much as possible. Additionally, players can keep an eye on the official Lost Ark Twitter for updates on that time.

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