Academician Zhong Nanshan, head of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission, said in an interview with Bai Yansong that if you are uncomfortable, you should wear a mask. Wearing a mask is still useful. In fact, you don't have to wear KN95 mask. Because these viruses do not exist alone, they often exist in droplets. General surgical masks can still block most of them, and wearing masks is still useful.

In other words, for the purpose of self-protection and reducing the risk of respiratory tract infections, medical surgical masks and KN95 masks can be worn.

If you go to a general open-air public place and do not come in contact with patients, you can choose to wear a medical surgical mask without excessive protection; but if you will come into contact with patients with suspected respiratory tract infections, you should wear KN95 masks.

When do I need to wear a mask?

Wear a mask when you go to the hospital to see a doctor or visit a patient, especially when you go to the fever clinic or the respiratory department of the hospital.

In the season when respiratory infectious diseases are high, it is recommended to wear masks when going to crowded places such as supermarkets, shopping malls, and cinemas.

To prevent spreading the disease to others, you should wear a mask in time when you have symptoms of respiratory diseases such as fever, cough, or runny nose.

It is recommended to wear a mask when doing outdoor activities in haze weather.

Wearing a mask also pay attention to posture:

  1. Hold the protective mask with one hand, the side with the nose clip facing away, cover the protective mask over the nose, mouth and chin and nose clip, and press it up against the face.
  2. Use the other hand to pull the strap behind the ear.
  3. Put the tips of your fingers on the metal nose clip, starting from the middle position, press the nose clip inward with your fingers and move and press to both sides, respectively, to shape the nose clip according to the shape of the bridge of the nose.

special reminder:

Everyone wears a mask, please follow the above method and wear it correctly!

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