Wave 35 jads cannot be ignored, and OSRS Gold even if you're not keen on prayer switching you'll have to perform it for at least one jad. Smokey's method of standing in the west and walking to the jad isn't actually necessary. You should stand on NE side of the rock and utilize invulnerability crystals instantly.

Attack jad once so you can create a dagger on it, and then mage the meleer to death. In the end, jad is the only thing to attack you. Haraken's head can only spawn on the W,E,and S sides.

I've completed the Slayer challenge. It's not necessary to learn any more tips. I accepted Sumona's challenge and killed the infamous Kalphite Queen. The click on my picture will reveal my stats, for reference.

Full void gear and mage helmet, amulet rings of slaying, the traditional cape. Forum members, I'd like your opinions and suggestions regarding how I could best go about this endeavor without failing miserably.

Okay everyone, get ready with your down-votes because I have a second question... I have one of the treasure chests from Carnillean Rising, as I'm sure many of you do too. It's been in my bank account since I finished the quest because I'm not sure what it does or how to do with it.

Yes, I know you could bury it and host your own private treasure hunt. But that's just it. I'd love to put some small prizes inside and then place it in the ground. How else could anyone use it if I'm forced to Cheap RuneScape 2007 Gold put a pin on the door or hand keys out. This kind of defeats the point isn't it? If I choose to bury it on specific world, does it exist on all worlds or just the one I buried it on?