I believe that although many mmo fans know this statement, they should not dare to try it, maybe because they are afraid of risks.

There are currently several ways to turn real money into Lost Ark Gold. First, players should know that in Lost Ark, there are two real money currencies, one is royal crystals that can be purchased directly with real money, and the other is crystals, an intermediate currency.

Players can use royal crystals to buy common crystals. They can also purchase these normal crystals with Lost Ark Gold. Thus, crystals can act as a bridge between currencies, bringing players some gold for themselves with real money.

But we should note that the exchange rate of the two currencies is not fixed, but changes according to supply and demand. Players can usually skip the normal crystal step as some items in the Cash Shop are not character bound. To do so, they simply buy unbound items in the store. Then sell it at the auction house for gold and wait until someone wants it.

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