Few items in Lost Ark are associated with characters or accounts. This means players can get rid of almost anything they don’t need. Since it always made transactions between players with Lost Ark Gold, the auction house is a reliable source to keep the flow of gold coins stable. Especially if they like to sell things that are of little use to them, they can make a lot of gold here.

Because besides upgrading materials and gear, certain crafting materials can also sell very well, effectively everything that lazy players don’t like to farm themselves. It is impossible to say they can earn exactly how much gold using this method, as the price of course, also depends on supply and demand and is constantly changing.

How does this work? The auction house is unlocked when players reach level 30. They can then buy and sell items between servers and cities for Lost Ark Gold. This is most worthwhile for things that take a certain amount of time.

So players can earn relatively large amounts of gold right from the start by mining whatever stone and wood they can find, and then selling the raw materials. Since the first level of the fortress mainly requires wood and stone, trading with them is very smooth.

If players like to grow plants, they can do the same. If players then craft them into healing potions, we can also sell them to those in need for a good amount of Lost Ark Gold.

Especially as a beginner, it's difficult to assess what can actually earn gold coins and what is not worth it. But of thumb, players can sell anything they don’t need.

If they think this method is too cumbersome, they can also choose a faster way, which is to buy Lost Ark Gold through IGGM, which is very safe, and the price is very affordable, and they can complete the delivery in almost 3 minutes. Have a look!