In Lost Ark, players can befriend over 70 different NPCs, and working to deepen and improve their relationships with NPCs will bring them many benefits. If they achieved a certain level of trust between players and NPCs, generous NPCs will give out some rewards.

Some NPCs even give away a good amount of Lost Ark Gold. While this method doesn’t make much sense at the end of the game, since players only get a single NPC reward, they can earn a lot of Lost Ark Gold this way, especially at the beginning.

Players can use several ways to improve their relationship with NPCs. Varies from person to person, some NPCs want players to complete quests for them, play songs or show your emotions in front of them.

All gifts will make the character get along better with each NPC, but some NPCs will be especially happy with very specific gifts. If players can bring those gifts to the corresponding NPC, then the relationship between them will be improved.

We need to admit, though, that not all different NPCs will reward the player with Lost Ark Gold for their efforts. Therefore, especially at the beginning, players are better off choosing the following NPCs to earn Gold.

Thirain, the King of Luterra, found in Luterra Castle. If the good gentleman is friendly to you, he will give you a whopping 500 gold.
Neria, the innkeeper in East Luterra’s Wave Beach Harbor, will even give you 600 gold if she trusts you.
Neria in Arthetine, will also give you 600 gold if she trusts you.
Sasha, who can also be found in Stern’s Origin, even gives you a total of 3,500 gold if she trusts you at level 5.
Mercenary Zeira is also in Stern’s origin. She also gives you 200 gold as soon as she trusts you.
You can meet Ealyn in Vern Castle. If she’s interested in you at level 5, she’ll give you a total of 1,000 gold.
In Vern Castle you will also meet Avele, who will give you a total of 1,400 gold if she trusts you.

There are other NPCs that will give you up to 2,700 gold, but you won’t find them until later in the game. For starters and up to level 50, these are the only characters you can persuade to give you gold.

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