Also keep in mind, you need to OSRS gold earn 33 quest points for this quest to even begin. (u need to complete almost all non-mem quests just to get three quest points) If u want to join, feel free message me in the Game (Tarun Dragon) and I'll be glad to assist you, and even fund you even if you're not able to pay in cash. The entire quest is priced at 50k to 60k. In the time I did it, rune scimmies where 60k by themselves which means it cost me much more.

Everyone has offered you the best advice, apart from two things. I believe that an amulet of power is much better than strength, as it increases your accuracy and defence. A shorter sword is able to beat the scimitar of dragons that are weak to stab attacks.

I'm going to bring this up too, but I didn't realise that he'd need an additional atk when he reached his lvl and yeah dragons aren't able at stabs (was trying to come up with the possibility of a f2p stabwep but cudn't lol). If u do use a sword from a rune, be sure you set it to a stab stab atk.

It's still slower and weaker than a scummy. But on the positive side, you could hit more frequently as well as being less expensive. In addition, if you receive 43 prayer, you'll be able to easily kill it without any kind of dmg ever. Don't do it, you aren't required to pray to eliminate elvarg.

Oh, also, when you're in melzar's maze, for one part of the map to the city of Crandor, it would be advisable to secure that Demon (80+ CB) with mage. Therefore, bring around 100 chaos runes with an air staff, and elemental runes, or bring 150 or so mind runes, along with an air staffs, and buy old school rs gold the finest elemental runes that you can utilize.