It can be said that table cloths are not unrelated to our lives. If we say that warmth and comfort give us the feeling of home, tablecloths can make us happier when we eat and relax. And when it comes to this, how to choose the tablecloth?

  1. Room style: The table cloth style and the overall decoration style of the room should be coordinated and not abrupt.

  2. Tableware style: The tablecloth style should be coordinated with the tableware style. Most of the tableware is simply white and more versatile, and tableware with rich colors and patterns is more suitable for simple and solid color tablecloths.

  3. Tablecloth material: Pay attention to the choice of tablecloth material, different materials have different textures and functions. Some cloth tablecloths are described as waterproof and oil-proof, but they are actually only waterproof to a certain extent.

  The materials of tablecloths sold by table cloth manufacturers on the market are roughly divided into PVC plastic, cloth, cotton, cotton and linen, polyester (polyester fiber), and other categories.

  PVC plastic is waterproof and oil-proof, easy to clean, just wipe. However, the white PVC tablecloth will turn yellow after being used for a long time, and the PVC will release toxic substances when exposed to high temperatures or burn.

  Cloth, cotton, linen, and polyester have a better texture, and some products have added a waterproof layer, which has a certain waterproof effect. The surface layer of some fabric products is TPU, a safe and environmentally friendly material that is waterproof and oil-proof, and the bottom layer is fabric because the TPU material has a smooth feel, which is worse than that of pure fabric products. However, the waterproof and oil-proof effect of pure fabric products is not as good as that of PVC plastics and needs to be cleaned.

  Having said so much, you can choose PVC tablecloths or fabric tablecloths with TPU surface, which is more convenient to be waterproof and oil-proof; pay attention to texture and feel, and choose pure cloth tablecloths such as cloth and cotton.

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