Maintenance of the paper shredder is mainly to do a good job in the maintenance of the paper shredder knife, the paper shredder gear, and the paper shredder case. How to maintain the paper shredder?

  1. Maintenance of paper shredder knives

The cutter is the most precise part of the paper shredder. In addition to the requirements for machining accuracy, there are also high requirements for the installation of the cutter. Any mechanical misalignment or lack of oil will seriously affect the service life of the cutter. The tools should be lubricated regularly, and the lubricating oil used should also comply with the regulations.

The lubricating oil used in the paper shredder not only has the function of lubrication and ensures the good operation of the mechanical parts but also has the function of softening and removing the deposits between the cutter teeth and preventing the surface of the cutter from rusting. If you find metal pieces, dust and other foreign objects stuck between the teeth, you should clean them up. The lubrication process is very simple. You can directly drop the lubricating oil on the surface of the tool through the paper inlet. After the oil is slightly diffused, turn on the power and let the machine reverse for 10-15 seconds to fully diffuse the lubricating oil to all parts of the tool. Shred a few pieces of paper to wipe off excess oil on the surface of the knife.

Check the movement of the cutter. If the shaft gap between the two hobs is uneven, please ask a professional to adjust it. If the bearing part of the hob is short of oil or there is too much dust, abnormal noise will occur due to the increased resistance during operation, and the problem can generally be solved after refueling.

  1. Maintenance of paper shredder gear

The main function of gears is to transmit power. They are generally made of engineering plastics. Although they have certain mechanical strength, they are vulnerable parts in paper shredders. Because AC motors have strong overload capacity, when paper jams are caused by too much-shredded paper, the torque generated by the motor will cause gear rupture and tooth breakage. The focus of maintenance is to regularly check the integrity of the gears, remove dust and other attachments between the teeth, and use grease for the lubricant. The gears that have problems must be replaced.

  1. Maintenance of shredded paper cabinet

The box is a container for paper scraps, and also a support for the whole machine. Casters are installed underneath and it is very convenient to move on the ground. Protecting the box is one of the maintenance contents. Avoid placing heavy objects on the shredder, avoid hitting the box with hard objects, and do not use chemical reagents to remove dirt on the surface of the box. The second is to try to avoid rapid movement of the whole machine. If you find that the casters are not running smoothly, they should be repaired in time, and if they are damaged, they should be replaced in time. The cabinet should be kept dry and tidy.

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