There are two main types of car refrigerators on the market, one is a semiconductor car refrigerator, and the other is a compressor car refrigerator. The compressor is the traditional technology of traditional refrigerators, and the cooling temperature is low, ranging from -18 degrees to 10 degrees. The refrigeration efficiency is high, it can make ice and keep fresh, and the volume is large. Let's talk about how these two work in the end?

  Refrigeration principle of semiconductor car refrigerator: electronic semiconductor car refrigerator uses a PN junction composed of special semiconductor materials to form a thermocouple pair, using the Peltier principle through a smaller semiconductor chip, in a circuit composed of two different conductors When the DC circuit passes through, the heat is released at the metal sheet joint of the node, and the final purpose of cooling and heating is realized through different current flows. Thanks to this cooling method, the electronic semiconductor-type vehicle-mounted heating, and the cooling box can be used for cooling and heating, with an operating temperature range of 5°C to 65°C.

  The compressor car refrigerator works after the compressor is powered on, sucking in the low-pressure, low-temperature gaseous refrigerant that has absorbed heat in the evaporator, and after compression, it forms a high-pressure, high-pressure, high-pressure, high-pressure, high-pressure, high-pressure, low-pressure, low-temperature gas refrigerant with a temperature of 55°C to 58°C and a pressure of 112 to 8 Pa. High-temperature steam enters the condenser. Due to the throttling of the capillary tube, the pressure drops sharply. Because the pressure in the evaporator is lower than that of the condenser, the liquid refrigerant immediately boils and evaporates, and the heat in the absorption box becomes a low-pressure, low-temperature vapor. It is sucked by the compressor again. In this way, the heat inside the refrigerator is continuously transferred to the outside of the box.

  Refrigeration steps: compressor (compression) --- condenser (heat dissipation) --- capillary tube (throttling) --- evaporator (cooling)

 Function: Mainly used for mobile refrigeration/preservation. The demand for mobile preservation has increased significantly since 2012, mainly for people with rigid needs (truck drivers, diabetic patients, working mothers, etc.); secondly, most self-driving and off-road people are interested in car refrigerators. The demand is high.

  Take the compressor car refrigerator as an example. The refrigeration temperature range of -18℃ to 10℃ is comparable to that of household refrigerators, meeting the demand for refrigeration and freezing during travel.

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