Amazon Game Studios has created a world with multiple NPC types, each of which contributes to the diversity of regions and legends. Although the various New World NPC types look different visually, they also behave differently. Each New World NPC type has strengths and weaknesses for various elements in the world. Most players will choose to buy New World Gold in order to defeat a powerful enemy. These are important for clearing customs, upgrading, and growing Gypsum.

Especially in the last game, there are many ways to hone the final game content loop. For example, players can challenge different enemies in dungeons and arenas, such as The Corrupted in Myrkgard, or Angry Earth, or expedition in Spriggan Arena in Edengrove. The strength of these enemies cannot be underestimated. Players need to spend New World Gold to get suitable weapons to have the possibility of winning. No matter what content the player likes, they are most likely to want to fight the damage type of upcoming opponent.

Besides spending New World Gold, players also need to understand the weaknesses of New World enemies in order to more easily cause damage to them. For Ancient, players using Strike, Void and Lightning will cause more damage. When facing Angry Earth, players may need to be more inclined to use Slash and Fire. Thrust may have an advantage over Beasts. For The Corrupted, they can choose Thrust, Nature and Arcane. The last type is The Lost. Players need Strike and Ice to be more useful.

If players want to get these types of damage, one of the best ways is to Buy New World Coins to get related gems and weapons. Once the players understand these well, then their way of exploring New World will be smoother.