GST is known as Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a destination based tax on the consumption of goods and services. It is charge at all the stages Rights from manufacture up to final consumption with credit of taxes paid at previous stages available as set off.

GST Registration Consultants in Bangalore: Our Consultry gives GST Registration services in Bangalore and GST was Started on April one 2017 the product and services tax and tax are necessary to any of all Indian service suppliers as well as traders and makers whose offer income Crosses more than 20lakh. GST comes under Modi's government 

What are the components of GST?

There are 3thypes of taxes are applicable in this system

  1. CGST: in this, the tax is collected by the Central government on an inter state sale
  2. SGST: in this, the tax is collected by the state government
  3. IGST: in this, the tax is collected by the central government

When GST registration would is required?

GST (goods and service tax) is needed if your annual turnover is more than twenty lakh(20lakh) no matter the turnover within the below cases 

If a person is operating in different states with the same pan number he cants operate with a single registration. Every person has to make registered separately for each state from where he is making a taxable supply.

Where to get register GST in Bangalore

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1) What’s the Are the advantages of registering GST in business?

Registration under the goods and service tax regime will confer the following merits to the business 

  1. Recognized as a supplier of goods and services
  2. Proper accounting of taxes [aid on input goods and services can be utilized for payment of GST
  3. Legally authorized to collect tax from his purchaser


  1. the cascading effect of tax

2) What is the liability for GST registration in Bangalore?


As per section 22(1) of CGST Act 2017

All the suppliers in the state are liable to register under this act


And every state has a different limit of turner over and limit


3) What is the registration process for GST in Bangalore?

The GST process will be online through a portal maintained by the central government of Indian 

What are all the documents required for GST registration in Bangalore

  1. PAN Card of the company
  2. Proof of constitution like MOA, AOA Certificate of incorporation
  3. Passport size photo of the applicant
  4. Authorized signatory of partners with their identity proof in case of a partnership
  5. Proof of place of business
  6. Proof of bank details

How to get GST registration in Bangalore

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