Recently, 10 developers of New World responded to the game community by accepting the Myrkgard run challenge, which has caused a lot of discussion among players.

Before, players were frustrated with the difficulty of the New World endgame content, because players need to put in more energy and buy New World Gold to win. A large part of the gaming community begged the MMO developers to run Myrkgard.

They are under-prepared for Myrgard and are not as skilled as the full-time players in New World, which shows that they expect some wipes. And, they did not spend New World Gold to get better equipment.

Although the Amazon Games team eventually abandoned the operation of Myrkgard, they ran a long way before announcing their withdrawal. This Myrkgard team is far from completing the ominous endgame elite zone with zero deaths, but their coordination in eliminating specific enemies and witty words about the zone’s layout should help better adapt to the struggling New World fans to gain the upper hand. Due to lack of equipment, the development team had to announce its withdrawal within an hour because of the increased difficulty above the already difficult endgame area.

The difficulty of Endgame is not limited to the operation of Myrkgard, because other elite areas in the game are also difficult, and players still encounter problems when trying to find some advanced New World crafting materials. Players can only choose to spend more New World Gold to get the items they want.

Although it is not clear whether the developers intend to weaken the Myrkgard Elite area because of the inability to complete, they may already understand which parts of the operation are more difficult than expected or which aspects of it are not working. Since then, the New World community praised the Amazon gaming team’s attempts in Myrkgard, because many players praised its transparency to the community.

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