In December, Path of Exile has six new and returning activities for players to play. In order to gain a prominent advantage in these activities, players Buy POE Currency in advance. Atlas Invasion is the first event to bring major changes to the game’s map content. Therefore, players activate the map equipment and prepare for Atlas Invasion.

Atlas Invasion lasts for 10 days, starting on December 24th at 3pm Eastern Time and ending on January 2nd at 3pm Eastern Time. Grinding Gear Games described Atlas Invasion as “more like a normal Path of Exile League” compared to last month’s events. During the event, each area is guaranteed to contain five endgame map leaders. Each of these bosses is also guaranteed to drop at least one unique item and some POE Currency.

The top five players in each Ascendancy Classes will get Demigod’s Authority legendary one-handed sword. This, like some other Demigod items in the game, will increase the size of the player character. So in order to get such a reward, players need to spend POE Currency to increase the chance of winning.

During the event, every player who reaches level 50 will get an Atlantis Mystery Box. Each box will contain randomly selected micro-transaction-based items from two underwater themed sets, including the Siren set and the Deepwater set.

Players who reach a higher level threshold during the event will also be entered into a random lottery based on micro-transaction items. After the event, the number of each item is limited. Upgrading multiple characters to each tier will increase the odds of winning. This is an enormous feast. Players need to spend more energy and buy POE Currency at POECurrency to get more exciting enjoyment. For recent Christmas events, they also offer a 8% discount. Don't miss it!