Great Axes is one of the best weapons in New World. It can be used in PvP to clear enemy waves and smash groups of enemies, but it still has the disadvantages of slow speed and short range. Those who take up two-handed weapons in New World have destructive power, provided that they need to make up for their shortcomings and understand their limitations.

Weak mobility is one of the shortcomings of Great Axes, and the Reaper skill tree will solve this problem well. Players can use Charge, Reap and a series of passive New World Gold skills. They can get closer to the ground faster than using some other weapons. , And the effect in PvP will be more obvious.

Charge allows players to sprint towards opponents, while Reap has a short range, but it can pull opponents towards themselves. These two skills have a series of passive abilities, and the player can move quickly when fighting with opponents or thugs.

But its disadvantage is that these abilities can be easily evaded. Although Great Axe does have some reliable gap closure capabilities, it does not have the ability to New World Coins automatically lock enemies. These are skills that require players to target them. However, once the opponent knows the steps you are going to take, some of Great Axe's movement-based abilities can be easily avoided.

Those who have excellent mid-range games like archers and spellcasters will be able to stay away from the Reap ability of players who use Great Axe. And it can cause huge damage and pressure to Great Axe players when they are far away from the attack range of Great Axe players.

So when you use this weapon, you need to weigh its pros and cons, which can help you gain an advantage in battle. In addition, using New World Coins to upgrade this weapon is also an essential step, because the higher the level, the stronger its capabilities. If you have any need for New World Coins, you can find a solution in NewWorldCoins.