It can be said that there is no more well-known sports shoes than Nike Air Force 1. However, the 2021Shoes brand is not satisfied with its own achievements, but constantly revises and reimagines Bruce Kilgore's 1982 design, whether for functionality or fashion (or both). The latest series of Nike classic sportswear uses non-standard suede and nylon materials, as well as mismatched colors. This pair of shoes is already on the market in Asia, and the inner lining is quilted, which is very suitable for cold weather. The fluffy suede fabric takes over the panels on the forefoot and heel, leaving the middle foot padding revel in the contrasting nylon material. In addition to the different textures, the structure of Air Force One is also different in color, with shades of gray colliding with bright blue and cool blue. This completely different layout extends to the sole unit, introducing new colors and patterns: the midsole has a "dirty" appearance under the neon green stitching, while the basketball upper design prefers a rich purple makeup.

Derrick Rose’s career trajectory changed permanently on the night of April 28, 2012, when the Bulls star guard tore his ACL. New Release Yeezy Considering his playing style, this seems to be quite a bit. Standard mobile. The unacceptable fact is that less than a year ago, when this outstanding Memphis player won the NBA MVP in the 2010-2011 season, everything was fine. It seems that Chicago will reproduce the glory days of the Jordan-led dynasty in the 1990s, when they surpassed the Magic, Cavaliers and Celtics to become the number one contender in the Eastern Conference Finals. Derek Rose will undoubtedly become one of the most controversial "what if" stories in sports history, but the often-injured guard has found new goals in the NBA instead of being a long-term MVP candidate. Rose has become a key player for Tom Thibodeau, a mentor for young backcourt players and a social media resonance. Throughout the journey, Rose successfully maintained his relevance, just for his humanity.

Bruce Kilgore's Nike Air Force 1 has achieved a lot since its debut in 1982. As the 40th anniversary approaches, this car has some of the most discordant styles. Doc Martens Boots ,The latest all-black experimental model is an example. As an updated version of the basketball classic, Air Force One quickly made a statement with its eye-popping design. Appearing to be covered in industry, with tape applied at will, this model is characterized by being full of creases and unprocessed edges. In this 39-year-old woman, her flanks, toes and other parts are barely visible. On the contrary, the non-traditional lace button, pulling away the label exposed on the foam tongue and heel, and the label on the low heel, stole the spotlight. The latest N.354 advocates mainly to keep the dark color palette, but some of the details mentioned above are indulged in different shades of green. However, no shoe outsole has the characteristic of "glowing in the dark".