You will be led into the Sayanionas' lair. They are aggresive, and WILL ATTACK YOU. You should avoid the room that is that is filled with baby Sayanionas, which are Level 25s. They're useless currently. 

It is possible to run by the Lesser Sayanionas until you reach a room full of Greater Sayanionas. These are at level 90 and will be hard to OSRS Gold For Sale defeat. Be sure to keep your Guard against Melee and fill the pots with prayers. After it has died, remove the horn. Grind it up with the aid of a mortar and pestle. It will be ground Sayaniona’s Horn. The next stage is to extract the water.

Return to Solar Isle and enter the Cheiftain's home. One ladder goes up and one descends. Pick up the pile of rubble and then climb the ladder. Press the rubble to get an Enchantment Rock. Pick up a pickaxe and collect magical dust from the chest at the west end of the corner. Take the ladder up, and up the other ladder. Fill the vial with Water of the Ancients. Add the magic dust and you'll have a vial of Magic Water.

It is now time to mix the herbs in accordance with the directions on the scroll. 3 Sunbleached Herbs, 1 Sunset Herb, Ground Sayaniona's Horn. You will receive a vial Enchanted Posion. Make use of it with the Sunrisen Staff. You will recieve the Solarus Staff. This is the only weapon you can make use of to eliminate Ethernals. Then, speak to the Cheiftan once more.

Have you invented the weapon that is used to kill Ethernals? Yes, I did! It's awesome! Follow the map, and you'll return to OSRS Accounts me with Ethernal’s staff. Follow the map until you reach an unfrozen trapdoor. Use the Solarus Staff with it, and the trapdoor will be opened.