Seersucker Fabric Factory introduces how Identify true and false silk:

China-made silk and satin implement a unified product number consisting of 5 Arabic numerals. The first digit from the left of these 5 digits represents the material number of the fabric. All silk fabrics (including mulberry silk and spun silk) are "1", chemical fiber fabrics "2", "3" for blended fabric, "4" for tussah silk fabric, and "5" for rayon fabric;

Price identification method: the price of real silk fabric is about twice that of chemical fiber and artificial silk satin;

Luster and hand feel identification method: Silk looks smooth and can not be mirrored, shiny, soft and elegant in the hand, and wrinkles in the hand, the higher the purity and the higher the density, the better the feel of the silk;

Combustion method: take out part of the yarn and burn it, the real silk can not see the open flame, it has the smell of scorching hair, the silk ash becomes black particles, which can be crushed by hand;

Appearance: The all-silk clothing is elegant and soft, with pearly luster, soft and elegant hand feeling;

Features: Silk products should have a slight scratching sensation, and a crisp sound can be heard when rubbing against each other.

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