NBA 2K22 is a popular basketball game. NBA 2K22 has higher requirements for players’ player strength, and most players will buy NBA 2K22 MT to get high-strength player cards. And Shooting Badges is an affirmation of the player's excellent shooting level, it is very important for palyers to get more Shooting Badges.

Unlike the previous rules, NBA 2K22 is more inclined to gain points from actual games. If players are just practicing, they can get more progress through high-intensity practice and spending NBA 2K22 MT to enhance the player’s strength, which will be very effective.

For players who have not yet joined an NBA team, if they want to get more Shooting Badges, they can complete college and G League games. If the player gets a badge from training, the best way is to use Brickley’s Gym, which should be open occasionally throughout the season. Through practice, regardless of winning or losing, players will get three or four times the badge points and some NBA 2K22 MT. In addition, some players have also worked out other ways to get Shooting Badges.

One of them is to take advantage of the slower AI reaction speed. The player enters the corner, presses the turbo and presses down the right stick to trigger the retreat. When the defender does not respond, press the left stick to exit the coverage area and shoot a three-pointer. Another method is that players need to hover around the three-point line and wait for their players to pass the ball, because it will be easier to shoot and get Shooting Badges.

These methods are all done by exploiting the flaws of the system. The most reliable way for ordinary players is to Buy NBA 2K22 MT at GameMS to build their own outstanding team.