Flanged bearings come in several different types and are designed to meet specific application or situation requirements. Different types of these flange bearings have different designs, cages, load capacities as well as different performances.

These bearings are designed to mount ball bearings with high precision and efficiency, as these bearings are very strong, waterproof, and dirt resistant, suitable for mounting in other devices with rotating or linear motion. A flanged ball bearing is not a new kind of bearing.

Just as deep groove ball bearings are provided sealed or open, flanged, or plain bearings are also available. The flange is just another choice given to the designer by the manufacturer of the bearings. The flange is an extension or lip on the bearing outer ring, designed to facilitate bearing mounting and positioning in delicate or problematic applications.

Any application needing a bearing to be installed in a high-vibration environment, as well as any application requiring high axial loads, would benefit from a flanged bearing. Automotive applications are a prime example, a construction engineer must be able to pick and assemble a bearing that can endure both friction and high temperatures.

As a consequence, the adhesive or disturbance fit in the bearing assembly in automotive applications is always inadequate. To guarantee a long life and longevity of the bearing, the option is provided by a flange bearing. The flange bearing can hold its location and withstand the aggressive atmosphere and friction inside the car.

Quite high temperatures would also require the option of a flange bearing. Under-hood applications where temperatures frequently exceed around 180 ° C and the inclusion of materials such as those between the ball bearing and the housing or shaft can result in a different rate of thermal expansion.

For example, a steel bearing is pressed into an aluminum housing; the housing may be stretched earlier than the steel bearing, thereby losing contact with the bearing. Flange bearings are most widely found in light applications such as food processing equipment, conveyors, material storage, HVAC belt drives, textiles, luggage systems, surgical processing, and many other light industrial applications.

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