Folks do not wish to return to OSRS gold wars after continuous losing as a result of above two issues. Excuses: The clan is not a warring clan, it is a nation clan. Those that are looking to ability have the right to skill. It is not my fault that we lost, it is because nobody was still binding. Wars are a waste of the time, we proceed and get our....kicked. I'd rather train or skill up afterward go there to endure another defeat. Retorts to excuses: The clan may not be a clan, but each member is still predicted to come for wars. Just because we don't make wars mandatory does not mean that you can slack when we want individuals. The mentality of"other person will bind" is why nobody's binding. Everyone is expecting that somebody else will pop in to bind to them, but there is not.

When we fix the above two issues, we'll win. And could you rather gain another level or be pleased that you assisted the clan and won a war? If anyone has a solution, or even an idea of how this clan can solve the issues stated above, I'd be glad to hear it. And before anyone asks, I am not holding any rank in this clan, not a warlord nor a respected performer nor forum moderator.I'm just a standard member, and I don't want to see that this clan get ruined by the issues and be the laughing stock, the shadow of a clan that has been once renowed in winning wars. Thanks.

I got 68 summoning yesterday, and I decided to RuneScape gold buy have a visit to Waterfiends. It didn't go that well though. What if I change/upgrade? I just have around 4m money to spend on this in the moment ('d 8m before I bought the spear) If I buy 80 cooking before I go back there? Should I market the spear and buy a Saradomin Sword?