In World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic, money is the lifeblood that can speed up the process of the gameplay! So, many players want to find out the best, fastest, easiest ways to earn WOW Gold Classic . If you want to find the answer, then you just need to follow this short article!

Auction house

It never hurts to know what items are in demand on your server, especially if you are trying to make money via the auction house. Many things may change and it is best to start modest and monitor your market over time to see how it performs.

Remember to additionally factor in the amount of work you are willing to invest. Primals, for example, are anticipated to sell well, yet their associated elementals are almost always farmed. It may be that your time is not worth as much as the gold you earn.

If you are only seeking to sometimes sell a few things, it is not necessary to go to such great lengths. While you may be surprised by how much gold can be made from just watching the market and buying low and reselling at a higher price, all without needing to learn a profession, you should not be surprised to discover that simply watching the market and buying low and reselling at a higher price will make you rich.


On the flip side of that ‘oversaturated’ jewelcrafting point, we have mining. In TBC, you can use prospecting to turn the ores you get from mining into jewelcrafting mats. Because of the sheer number of people going for Jewelcrafting, there’s going to be a heavy demand for materials from the general playerbase.

That’s where you come in. Mine yourself a collection of 5 ores, prospect them into JC mats, sell, repeat. It’s hard to say just how much gold per hour you’re going to be able to yield from this method, but the more demand there is, the more gold you’ll make.

Additionally, you warrior players are naturally going to want this profession anyway, so it may pay to align your money desires and resource needs and just go with mining.


Optimize your bag space. It is advisable to loot everything, as even basic 'gray' items can sell for more than a gold and you will save lots of time than needlessly flying to town to 'offload' the bags. Place secondary and unnecessary items in the bank account. 18 Slot bags are easy to obtain in the Burning Crusade.

Create a second character and locate it near the Auction Houses. As there is no Auction House in Outland, park in the old cities in Azeroth, Orgrimmar or Stormwind. This way you can easily mail the "auctionable" items to it from the nearest mailing post. It is advisable to pick up gathering professions on the farming, high level character and the crafting-equivalent on the secondary. Time is money. Save time.


By the time you're 70, chances are you will have a lot of left-over quests m Out land. Seeing that the experience reward of a quest gets converted into gold when you're the maximum level you 11 get a let more out of a quest at 70 Sadly, quests are finite, and the nepeatable ones generally don't offer too much in the way of gold.

Still do the quests you can while they're available if you need gold. Doirt forget that you're killing and looting mcbs while doing those quests.

Crafting has always been popular for making gold, and it looks like things are the same in Out Land. Professions of choice would be Alchemist, Enchanter and the new Jewelcrafting.

Potions, enchantments and now gems mil be and stay m high demand, and will allow those professions to make good money in the auction house

Tailors can also fetch a fair buck with the new Spell Threads that can be used to enchant Fants for extra spell damage or pealing and stamina In addition, all tailors can make IS slot bags with easilv obtained ingredients, and Primal Mocneloth specced tailors will be able to create 20 slot bags, I can see a lot ot profit being made off those.

Leatherworkers get a bunch of new armor patches with various stats as well as the equivalent of the tailor's Spell Tr.reads, really sweet armor kits for pants. That sor^ of thing does well m the Auction House

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