In fact, I carefully observed the products currently on the market and found that most of them are packaged in cartons. Now a variety of carton packaging designs are full of people's attention, and it can be said that it is currently the most widely used packaging design method. The reason why carton packaging can be so widely used is inseparable from its own characteristics. We will introduce some of the characteristics of carton packaging design in detail.

First, different sizes can be made

The carton packaging design is simple and generous and can be made into different sizes according to different products. The carton packaging design is very simple and generous on the whole, and various patterns and words can be printed on the carton, which is very convenient. For products of different sizes, we can tailor the cartons accordingly, so that they can best adapt to a variety of products. It is precise because of this that cartons are now the most used packaging.

Second, it is convenient to carry and transport over long distances

carton packaging design is very light, convenient for the transportation of goods and our daily carrying. The carton packaging design is made of paper, which is very light and convenient for us to carry and transport over long distances. The use of carton packaging design can not only play a good role in protecting the internal products but also very convenient for us to carry the products, which is also a very prominent feature.

Third, convenient product sales

This kind of packaging is very convenient for the sale of goods. The goods are generally placed on the shelf for sale. The use of such a packaging method is very convenient for placing on the shelf, and can also make the entire store more tidy and tidy. Beautiful. It fits the lifestyle of our modern people and is very good.

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