Money or Gold is one of the most important resources in New World as it’s going to allow you to buy things like new gear, upgrades, and lots of other things too. Today I am going to get into how to earn New World Coins , plus a few tips and tricks too so you’ll have your pocket overflowing with gold.

Ways to Collect New World Coins

Selling Loot

As you subdue your enemies, you are free to loot their territories, take away their valuables, and trade them with the vendors. Looting is a sure way to earn you some coins in New World. However, before you trade the loot with the vendors, you should consider sorting out necessary gear from other loot. The reason being, you would make more coins from selling the looted gear to a fellow player than a vendor.

Doing Quests

Completing missions is one of the easiest ways to earn some coins. There are tons of missions in New World MMO, when you complete them and then you will get corresponding gold and experience points. There are many quests for you, including Faction Quests, Town Projects, and Side Quests. Although finishing quests can award you with some New World Coins, but they have some disadvantages that sometimes these quests can be very time-consuming. So, we also list some other effective ways for you!

Professions: Gathering. The professions in New World are divided into 3 groups, gathering, refining and crafting. The “basic” ones, called gathering are based around collecting resources from the gathering nodes available in every area of the game. You can gather resources like Wood, Steel and Stones like flint which can be used for building, refining or crafting professions. Selling them to other players can earn you lots of New World coins.

Crafting Items that sells for a lot of gold

While this method of farming gold assures a large sum at one go and you can do it infinitely, it's impossible at the start of the game. As you start the game, you won't be able to craft anthing available. However, as you progress through the game and level up the crafting skill, you will be able to create better items that sell for a lot more. Leveling up the crafting profession can take some time, but can be placed if you have others in guild helping you. Negotiate a deal to help each other out with the resources.

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