My local classic rock station incorporated music from the 90s, including alternative, grunge and mainstream metal. When they did change their name, they changed it to "classic rock" and WOW TBC Classic Gold then changed their name to "rock". The genre tag doesn't fit their current sound, even when it's still classic rock. They even used to call themselves "classic rock" and "90s rock" for a while.

making bards perform has been one of my favorite additions to the game. I'm a fan of Iike, and I played it a recent time. It was when i woke early on a Saturday morning to play Ffxiv. I also cooked an omelette and, yeah, enjoyed eating breakfast while my character was on an limsa bench with the bard in the vicinity playing nice music. the other players were all around talking about various things.

Have a look around the city. I met my wife by strolling through limsa. And now we're friends too... However, if your intention is to find RP or something similar you'll meet people who are fond of dancing and singing, and asking them for assistance or simply say "wanna see me mount?" (Moi is a good example.) While 14 might be my first MMO, I am here to stay.

I felt the same for the first 2-3 days I played. I had that WoW mentality of "blast blast blast fast fast speedy" however, I was exhausted and was in the ideal place at the perfect time. My last few minutes online is spent in walking around Limsa exploring the gorgeous glamours, and taking in the vibe. I've heard that weekend is full of events so you might want to give that a shot!

You still gawk at those cool mounts and gear sets, don't get me wrong. But that's about all there is now. There was a lot more life in cata than they were before. There was plenty of people in the city. People would talk or play with their toys. There's silence now and naked goblins trying to buy WOW TBC Gold get people to make death rolls.